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Cherished Memories - A Poem offering Words of Comfort

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Cherished Memories - A  Poem offering Words of Comfort

I hope this poem brings you some comfort during this difficult time. I wrote it shortly after losing my grandparents within days of each other.

I hope it can provide you some comfort.


Cherished Memories


By Kim Clay


The time came, you had to go
You left me here with deep sorrow
Times are sad and I’m feeling blue
I’m so glad for the happy memories of you
I think of all the times we shared
Thankful, for how much we cared
About each other everyday
I wish there was more time to say
All the things I wish could
And all the things I really should
Of how I loved you and how much you meant
But these wishes only torment
What’s happened cannot be undone
I focus on the best times when we had fun
Of how you made me laugh and smile
And how your time here was worthwhile
Oh how I’m grateful for our precious time together
I will cherish these fond memories forever


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