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Why should I keep my loved ones ashes at home?

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Why should I keep my loved ones ashes at home?

Once you have received the cremated remains from a funeral home or crematorium there are many options on how to handle them.

Some people chose to bury the ashes in a cemetery plot or place them in a columbarium. This provides a fixed resting place for the ashes that people can visit to pay their respects, much like a burial site.

You may choose to scatter the ashes. Often this is done in a place of significance to the individual with only the people closest present. Perhaps in one of their favorite places or out at sea, people often express this wish before their passing.  Scattering of ashes should only be done if you are completely confident in the decision. It is permanent and cannot be undone even if the change of mind is immediate. The process of scattering ashes as a finality about it that some people just aren’t comfortable with immediately following a death. 

Others choose to scatter part of the cremation ashes and keep a token amount of remains for themselves or for sharing amongst siblings or family members.

Some people choose to keep their loved ones cremated remains with them at home.The remains will be received in a plastic bag and likely a box which they can be kept in but many choose a cremation urn instead. Urns keep the ashes safe whilst also provide a constant loving remind of the person lost. This can provide you with comfort, knowing your loved one is still near and still part of your life.  Some people choose an urn because they are likely to move. The urn allows you to take your loved ones ashes with you wherever you go and you never have to worry about visiting the burial ground or scattering site, especially if it is far away.

By keeping ashes in an urn it gives you time to come to terms and process the death, allowing you to make calmer, more thought out decisions. You can always choose to bury, scatter or place the cremated remains in a columbarium at a later date should you wish to.

Urns are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Choose a piece that acts as a loving reminder of the person you lost and place at the heart of your home. Celebrate their life and cherish the memories you shared every day.

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