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Find Peace And Comfort

Losing a loved one, whether it’s your Mum, Dad, Partner, child or even a close friend is one of the most difficult things we ever have to experience. Add to this the endless list of things to sort out and the pressure carry out their wishes correctly, and it becomes extremely stressful as well as emotional.

Find comfort in providing them with the perfect memorial to cherish their memory and celebrate their life.

“I had never seen anything like this before and it’s much nicer to display at home than a standard style of urn. Would go well with most decors plus great quality. I would highly recommend!” Sam

Forever In Your Heart And Home

A wonderful way to honour your loved one, cherish the memories you shared and celebrate their life.

The Memorial Vase Urn is a full size cremation urn with the appearance and functionality of a beautiful flower vase.

Designed to display in your home to keep your loved one close by your side; at the centre of your heart and home.

Display flowers in their memory to keep the connection strong.


Say It With Flowers

Flowers are often used as an extension of our emotions, from our deepest sympathy to the greatest joy. And sometimes they just let people know we are thinking about them.

The memorial vase urn allows you to pay your respects, honour your loved one and celebrate their life at the same time.

“My Mum loved daffodils, they look lovely in the urn on the table. Seeing them each morning makes me smile a little”


Versatile and Ornamental

Don't want to be constantly changing fresh flowers over? Don't Worry you don't need to.

The Memorial Vase Urn is very decorative and looks beautiful displayed on its own without flowers. Alternatively, a faux flower arrangement can make a great statement piece for added beauty year-round without the hassle of constantly changing water or flowers.

This can then easily be swapped with real flowers as you wish.

“I love the idea of displaying flowers for my husband’s birthdays, anniversaries and at Christmas. However, I was a little concerned outside of these times when I rarely have the luxury of fresh flowers. It still looks great sat on my little table without flowers though.”

Protect Precious Remains

Compromising three parts, the vase shaped ash chamber, a secure screw-base and a removable flower vase insert the Memorial Vase Urn is both practical and beautiful.

Hand cast from aluminium before being painted and lacquered, the vase has a glossy finish which can easily be mistaken for porcelain, but provides absolute peace of mind.

Knowing that your loved ones ashes will remain safe and secure in the chamber, even if it were accidentally knocked over or dropped provides additional peace of mind


Elegant And Easy To Use

The free standing flower vase insert makes displaying flowers a breeze and means the main urn doesn’t need to be moved.

  • Lift out the flower vase insert

  • Fill with water

  • Trim and arrange flowers

  • Slide the flower vase insert effortlessly back into the main compartment


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Free Shipping Australia Wide

  • Express Delivery Available

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Exceptional Quality Guaranteed. Each production batch undergoes an independent quality audit


Continue To Celebrate And Connect

Continue to celebrate and mark the special occasions you shared.

Display roses on Valentine’s Day, their favourite flowers for birthdays or use The Memorial Vase Urn every day with some brights to bring warmth and colour into your home.

Displaying flowers in The Memorial Vase Urn provides a physical medium to connect with your loved one whilst as a whole flowers in the home have been proven to assist improvements in general mood and wellbeing*.

*Harvard study by Nancy Etcoff 2006

Which Colour Will You Choose?

Available in White, Blue, or Grey,