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Thank you for visiting Fovere and taking the time to read a little bit about us and our company

The Faces Behind Fovere

Hello, we are Kim and Simon, the founders of Fovere. Originally from England we relocated to Perth in 2015 with nothing but three suitcases to set up a new life for ourselves and we haven’t looked back. Perth is our forever home even though we miss our families dearly.

We now have two small children, Willow (3) and Finley (14 months) and we set up and run Fovere around them and Simons’ full time job.

Don’t be concerned though, we have business systems and procedures to ensure everything runs as it should!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a commemorative urn that is designed to be displayed at the centre of your home and is a true celebration of life.

We started Fovere after struggling to find a cremation urn that could be displayed at home without looking out of place or making guests feel uncomfortable. This set the foundation of our mission.

When searching for urns we found hundreds of different designs but ultimately most of them were all the same. Either a wooden box or a traditional shaped urn with a variety of colour and textural finishes. It was still very obvious that all of these are cremation urns to anyone viewing.

We also found some really beautiful art-deco urns but these were too modern for us, suited only to a very minimalist, artistic home.
The frustration in finding the perfect funeral urn made our passion and determination blossom.

Help Finding Peace and Comfort

Whilst on this journey we had a revolutionary idea for a memorial that was so obvious but had yet to be done. This idea was for a truly unique and heart-warming cremation urn.

This concept is completely unique and unlike any of the cremation urns currently available. It preserves our philosophy of being able to keep your loved one at the heart of the home and adds another dimension to their final resting place.

We have filed patents in multiple countries for this and we are delighted that it is now available to you.

We really hope it can bring comfort to those who have lost loved ones whilst letting them celebrate their life.

Flowers and Grief

Throughout my life I have given and received flowers many times. Their symbolism is unique that it can represent both joy and sympathy.
On a personal level flowers allow me to show how I feel when I cannot find the words. I have gifted them as a celebration of a new baby, a birthday or engagement and unfortunately had to use them to display my love and sorrow during times of grief.
When we look into the symbolism of flowers across the world the information is vast and there is meaning behind each species.
The Memorial Vase Urn combines this lovely sentiment into a beautiful and unique cremation urn that helps you maintain the connection to your loved one.

High Quality Manufacturing

When our design files were completed, we began our journey to find a production partner to bring our dream to life.

The manufacturing of these products is very slow. They are individually handcrafted in Moradabad, India by highly skilled artisans who learnt their craft from the generations before them.

We contacted many suppliers and spent months getting samples made and sent back to us from India to ensure the final product design and finish met our high standards.

Throw in a pandemic and some shipping delays and over a year later they are finally here and we are overjoyed to be able to offer these to grieving families in the hope they can bring you some peace and comfort as you remember those passed and celebrate the good times you shared.